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Why Civil War Is Possible and Terrifying...

Why Conventional Preparedness Wisdom Will Get You Killed - A US Army Officer's Field Guide to Surviving a New Civil War

There's a division in America so extreme it's hard to see a way back. Whether it's left vs. right, race - or religion. It's never been like this...

According to a Gallup 77% of Americans believe our country is irreversibly divided


  • A Surge in Left-Wing Terrorism - with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise as the latest victim of a rise in political assassinations since the Trump-administration took power.
  • Violent Race Riots: that have caused over $5 billion in damages since 2010, engulfing even small towns like Ferguson in 2015, resulting in 321 arrests, in a town of just 20,000 people!
  • A Liberal vs. Conservative Culture War: that's near-identical to the buildup of every major civil war in history. With each viewing the other as vermin... Increasing the chances a civil conflict will spread like wildfire...

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To Surviving A New Civil War And Why America Is On The Path To Self-Destruction





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