Review of Prosperity Marketing System

Fellow Entrepreneur,

I tried opportunity after opportunity and came up with nothing. Then I would switch opportunities and guess what? The same thing would happen time after time. Then one day I started to think maybe it was'nt the fault of the opportunities. It was the MARKETING!

Truth is money can be made from any business opportunity if you know what you are doing. There were, after all, successful people in each of the businesses I attempted before. So, those people must have been doing something right, and I was simply doing something wrong.

Then I found, "Prosperity Marketing System," aka PMS

This marketing system allows you to start building your own business, your own system, and build your own list. The system provides capture page generators that are great and easy to use (they have video tutorials, if needed).  It is as simple as plug-and-play. You have the control to completely customize your very own system (You will not find this anywhere else) with your own downline builder programs or use the ones your sponsor has. Just delete the ones you don't like and add your own. You can make money with PMS whether people join your programs or not, provided that you promote the system to the appropriate audiences.

Training is provided with courses for beginners to advanced that are clear and comprehensive so the marketing system is an excellent service whichever way you look at it.  Prosperity Marketing System is the first "Plug In" program that actually worked for me by building my list, generating front-end cash (to cover advertising expenses) AND built my downlines.

What I Like

The high quality design, both of the back office and the promotional material such as the customised squeeze pages. I also like the flexibility of the program. As an upgraded member (One time charge for this) I can change all the programs, edit existing training pages and add training pages of my own to create a 100% unique marketing funnel and training package that exactly suits my business. Or in my case my mentor already has everything set up the way I would like it to be, so I have not changed anything in the backoffice.
Many programs require you to use their autoresponder service but with PMS you can use ANY autoresponder you choose. I love this!

What I Dislike

If I have to say there is something I dislike: Which is hard to do. I guess it would be passing up my 2nd and 4th referrals, BUT on the other hand. I am very happy when I RECEIVE pass-ups from my team. The key is to make sure you promote the business hard enough to benefit from the pass-up system.


I wanted to build my own list-building marketing funnel using a Wordpress membership plug-in but either the fees were higher than PMS's $12 per month, or there was simply too much extra work needed to make the system work. This marketing system is already done for you. With PMS you can have highly professional online marketing funnel set up and running within a day or two and start building your list and multiple online income streams simply by promoting a single URL.

In Conclusion

The Back Office Offers

Training Courses-

1. Computer Basics Tutorials
2. Internet Basic Turtorials
3. Internet Marketing Courses
4. Prosperity Marketing
5. Traffic Generation
6. Solo Ads

Income Builders-

1. Your primary business
2. Autoresponder
3. Ad Tracker
4. Join
5. Advertising Coop
6. List Builders - Safelists/Mailers
7. Traffic Exchanges
8. Other Choices recommended by your sponsor

Personal Branding-

1. Autoresponder - Intergrate Your Autoresponder
2. Custom tracking
3. Follow-up
4. Create Splash Pages
5. Manage Splash Pages
6. Splash Page Tutorial
7. Manage Rotators

Affiliate Center-

1. How to Make Money
2. Affiliate Toolbox
3. My Downline (Your sign ups)
4. My Commissions
5. Tag Stats

Customize- (Upgraded Only)

1. Edit pages
2. Create Training

Prosperity Marketing System even has it's own member Forum.

If you have been stuggling online then you ought to consider Prosperity Marketing System which will give you all you need to promote your primary business. You simply must check it out with its seven day free trial and only $12 per month after that. In my humble opinion, this is the best marketing system I have ever seen. You just can not beat the price and the ability to make it your own.


Mickey Smythwood Sr.

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